Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The room

OH WOW.  Hello!

Needless to say I've been a busy bee since August.  And I'm not the best at keeping up with blogs.  But here I am at last to post pictures of my room.

It all started because my room is so small, remember?  Well, I couldn't possibly fit 20 desks in there and keep myself sane.  (I hate the visual "noise" of all those metal legs, not to mention a bazillion things to trip over and maneuver around all day).  So I began with a simple idea of three tables.  Two at normal first grade height, and one with the legs taken off.

Here they are. Not too beautiful yet, but I like the different levels.  Adds some dimension.

Next I added our big rainbow table and our bucket chairs. (Don't mind the mess!)

I got five heavy duty buckets from the Home Depot.  It actually worked out perfectly, because all of the manipulatives for our math program fit in them.  Which is amazing, because I literally don't have room for them anywhere else... :)

Next I made my library.  Now I consider this to by a real work of art.  Since I am so cramped for space, I needed to condense my library into the smallest space possible.  I ended up making it like this with two "isles" for easy and efficient book shopping.

I use the Journeys Leveled Readers on top (they go from A to L in my room), then everything underneath it is categories of interest.  To see how I categorized my books, see my library post.

After that, it was really just about adding the actual seating.  I got my exercise balls for one of the big tables, regular chairs for the other one, then for the little table I filled a body pillow with a BUNCH of bubble wrap.  

And since you are wondering, no, the bubble wrap does not pop when they sit on it.... but it does make noise when they move around on it.  They seem to like the noise, and it doesn't drive me crazy. Win-win!

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