Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Daily 5 Anchor Charts

I was going through my little workbook on Daily 5 that I got from the Conference that I went to a month ago.  I wanted to make a list of all the anchor charts that I would need to make in order to successfully launch Daily 5.  Obviously, I won't fill in the I charts until the students make the suggestions, but some of them I can make ahead of time.  Also I was thinking, that I can make the headings on the big paper pad in the order of which I will introduce the anchor chart.  I just don't like feeling scrambled to write something while I have kids watching me.  I always feel so rushed.

Anyways, here is the order of my anchor charts:

  1. 3 ways to read a book
  2. Read to self I chart
  3. Where to sit (or how to find a spot to sit)
  4. Good fit books
  5. Work on writing I chart
  6. What to write about (or how to choose a topic)
  7. List of writing genres (or forms of writing)
  8. List of word work materials
  9. How to set up materials
  10. How to use materials
  11. How to clean up materials
  12. Acceptable behaviors for listen to reading
  13. How to use listening station materials
  14. Read to someone I chart
  15. EEKK (Elbow elbow knee knee)
  16. How to choose a partner
  17. Coaching strategies (how to coach your partner if they don't know a word)
** Read to self, work on writing, word work, listen to reading, read to someone**

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