Sunday, July 14, 2013

New place, new pup!

We moved last weekend!  Just across town, but still.  Now I am a little closer to work, and it's about $100 cheaper than our last apartment.  Our new apartment has less living room and bed room space, but WAY more bathroom/ kitchen/ storage space.  We can now hide our stuff to make it look like we are really neat and tidy!!  We went to Ikea to get some new stuff to make our apartment more homey.  

A couple hours and a few hundred dollars later, we had our new living room.  I love it.  Yes, it is brown and ORANGE.  The pillows and candles really bring out the orange in the rope bridge (in the large wall canvas).  I think it looks awesome!  Now all we need are some curtains.

We will do our bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen sometime later...

Some other very exciting news is that WE GOT A PUPPY!  Well, not a puppy puppy... We rescued this beautiful pup from the Scottsdale Pet Hotel.  She is two years old, and we think that she is a Basenji mix.
This was the pic that we saw online for her.  We fell in love.
 They found her in Yuma (of all places..) roaming the desert in May.

Here she is barreling towards us, the first time we met her.  We named her Rue.

Rue is getting along at our apartment just fine!  Her only flaw is that she will lick you to death.  She has a few toys, although she prefers to play with us more than her toys.  She is potty trained, and has had no accidents *so far*.  She doesn't seem to be interested in any of our stuff, and is not destructive at all, although we have not left her alone yet.  We do have a crate for her when we leave, but she slept on our floor last night.  She wants to climb up on our bed to sleep with us SO bad, but she settled for the floor after a few minutes of failed attempts.  When we woke up she was lying on her back with her paws up on the wall.  Haha!  She is adorable!

Anyway, I am meeting the new first grade teacher tomorrow!  I am beyond excited about that!  We are just meeting to chat about school, but we are meeting at the school on Thursday.  More things to come!

Leave a comment if you have a clue about what Rue might be mixed with!


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